If you've found yourself here, you're obviously after a review of City Connection. An arcade game released in 1985, developed by Hect (later renamed Axes Art Amuse) and distributed by Jaleco, it's a game I have a long-standing obsession with.

So, quick story time.

When I was starting to get into this whole 'playing old games' lark several years ago, my local library was selling off old stock, and one of the books I grabbed was How to Win at Nintendo Games 2 by Jeff Rovin. In that book- which is very tatty now but still on my shelf- there were a lot of NES games that got a limited release, or no release at all, in Europe, and I'd never heard of them. Quite a learning experience, then. One of them was City Connection, and the game's description- "You've robbed a paint store, and your car's leaking paint... But you can't leave a city until you've spread paint over every inch of the highway!"- got my attention instantly. What a ridiculous, silly plot for a video game! 

When I finally got around to playing it- specifically the arcade version which is the one I've reviewed today, although the NES port's not without its charm- it turned out that not only is the game pretty silly, it's also charming as hell and very easy to lose an hour to. 'Just one more try. I know I can outsmart that damn cat!'.

If you'd like to know more (and surely there's no greater use of your time than expanding your knowledge of City Connection) then please read the full review. In addition to learning, in punishing detail, why I obsess over this quirky little game with a jumping car, there's all sorts of extra trivia and junk, like the handful of ports the game got, the mobile phone-only sequel, and even fan-art! I'm not kidding!