The Zelda series is chock full of incredible, time-tested games that appeal to anyone and everyone. From A Link to the Past (another of my favorites), to Ocarina of Time (one of the greatest of all time) to Skyward Sword (still putting out amazing games to this day), it was extremely difficult to pick one out to review, but for me, this one tops them all. It wasn't just another entry into the series for me, it changed my perspective on Zelda and even video games in general. 

Nintendo's foray into Cel shaded graphics was something that continues to inspire me even today as an artist. The beautiful and melodic score had me rushing to pick up the soundtrack as soon as I could. I loved the feeling of openess that was brought on by travelling the vast ocean, discovering new islands and secrets. It was something that I just hadn't felt in any previous Zelda games. The cel shading blends perfectly into the gameplay, creating picture perfect landscapes and gorgeous animations. The temples, bosses, and side quests, while similar to the other iterations of Zelda, are made even more unique. While the controls may seem complex at first, you will get the hang of it, I was only 11 when I first played it and I figured it out easily enough. It is truly a masterpiece suitable for almost any age and makes an excellent introduction into the series.

Even today, after having played through it a hundred times, I still can't think of a better way to spend a lazy Sunday than sailing the seas through Wind Waker.

Favorite Dungeon/Temple: Forbidden Woods

Favorite Character/Creature: Makar and the Koroks