Nintendo 64

This review is about one of my favorite games, and one of the most overshadowed.  Ask people to name 3 games on the N64, and invariably one of them will be Goldeneye.  Not nearly enough people realize that Goldeneye had a successor, a descendant, and - dare I say - a replacement.  That heir to the N64 FPS throne is known as Perfect Dark, a game that manages to expand upon its predecessor in every way and offers a truly mind numbing amount of content and customization.  Unfortunately for Perfect Dark, it came along somewhat late in the N64 life cycle and Goldeneye had already solidified its hold on the 4-player deathmatch, causing a large number of players without Nintendo Power subscriptions to not even know Perfect Dark existed.  Too few people have experienced the joy of Dual Cyclones set to "Magazine Discharge," the ridiculousness of the Farsight, or the incredible glee of watching your friend explode from the "Proximity Mine" secondary fire of the Dragon.  Perfect Dark seems like a perfect fit for Review a Great Game Day - an excellent game that deserved a lot more playtime than it ever got from most gamers.  Read the full review here.