Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

Shining Force 2


This is one of my favorite games of all time, hands down one of my most cherished memories

I often catch myself playing some of my favorite titles at least once a year, and this great RPG is no exception. I have always been drawn to tactical and strategy games,and in my experience this game is fun as hell it's the type of game that can be difficult but also very satisfying with new characters always joining the party and an array of enemies to keep you fresh and thinking. There is one zone in the forest with the fairy's were you can fight some very challenging demons before you are even ready to take on such powerful foes. Some of the later bosses can kill your entire team before you can blink an eyelash,others aren't as strong but require you to take to all of the opposition.


Shining force 2 is a very beautiful game and the music is no exception from songs that keep your head in the action to the somber melodies of the temples every area seems to have awesome tracks to fit the mood. When I was a kid I was always sad when those pix-elated sprites would kick the dust now that games have become more graphical I have become attuned to such story arches but the music still has a epic feel to it that caries this classic from beginning to end.


the game play is a little like chess but with magic and equipment,which means that if you have ever played final fantasy tactics or fire emblem you should be familiar with the system. A lot of the strategy comes from the positioning of your troops one false step and a couple enemy turns later and even the strongest of your team can be taken down,so the first thing you want to do is decide which formation to attack in to best position yourself for victory without jeopardizing your whole team. There are also different classes of heroes that can use magic such as mages,priests,summoners, and healers that can either use attack magic at range or heal your wounded warriors to assure a win. One of my favorite spells is De Soul when cast the reaper comes to steal the souls of your opposition, Blaze is another cool Arcadian option that sends fire raining from the sky and it can also be used on multiple targets at 2nd level.


I love shining Force and athough I am a huge fanboy, I have to say that this game is a must play for any RPG fan. ;)