Over the years, Nintendo has been known for creating a plethora of innovative pieces of gaming technology. Some have flourished to the point of creating a phenomenon of gaming bliss, while others have failed miserably, leaving one to ask the question, “What were they thinking?” Considered a sales flop by many, Nintendo’s Super Scope peripheral for the Super Nintendo would seem to fall into the latter category. But no matter what your thoughts are on the subject, there is no denying that the bazooka-like light gun with its small library of accompanying titles is a must-play for the retro SNES player.


An overview:

Because of its size and functionality, the Super Scope is not like any other light gun. This shoulder-mounted behemoth is fitted with an eyepiece and a small sight for dead-on accuracy (and it is very accurate). Unlike other light guns, the Super Scope is wireless. It uses an infrared sensor to be placed near or on top of a television, and takes a whopping six AA batteries to power.


How in the world did they sell this thing?

The Super Scope never saw much popularity in Japan, most likely due to its size. The American and European market, was a better fit however, with the “bigger is better” audience being more prevalent in the western world. Still, even with it’s menacing size screaming “power” with every inch of it’s 2.5 foot plastic body, sales were poor and it never gained the acclaim it deserved as the big brother to it’s predecessor, the NES Zapper.


The games:

The Super Scope came with one pack-in game—Super Scope 6; a small collection of mini-games (Lazer Blazer with Intercept, Engage and Confront, and Blastris with Blastris A, Blastris B and Mole Patrol) that showed off the features and accuracy of the gun. Other games such as Battle Clash and its sequel Metal Combat: Falcon’s Revenge used the Super Scope exclusively to destroy mechs and mechanical foes. Other notable games include Yoshi’s Safari, Bazooka Blitzkrieg, X-Zone, and the arcade conversion of Operation Thunderbolt.



Though not impossible to find, the Super Scope is rare to be found intact with box, original instructions and sensor. Complete sets in excellent condition have been known to fetch between an estimated $100 and $250 respectively.



In the game, Super Smash Bros: Melee for the Nintendo GameCube, one of the weapons you can find in the game is a Super Scope.