Game Boy

Mega Man V does something different from the rest of the GB Mega Man games, no Robot Masters, no Mega Buster, and almost no Dr. Wily. How will V compare to the other four Game Boy Mega Man games?

Capcom's GB quality continues with the Game Boy Mega Man game series' final entry, Mega Man V. This game has Super Game Boy enhancements! 

 The past GB games where just 2 NES titles combined basically so with just Mega Man 6 left Capcom decided to try something original. Instead of taking place on Earth, most of the game takes place in space with a new group of baddies named the Stardroids.

"This is the last of 'World' games and in the end, I think we had a lot of fun working on this series". -Keiji Inafune


Several months after Dr. Wily's attempt at world domination in Mega Man IV and new threat makes its way towards Earth. Rock and Roll are walking through a grassy field but are  suddenly confronted by a mysterious new robot named Terra. Rock transforms into Mega Man to fight Terra, but all his buster shots have no effect. In one hit Mega Man is knocked out and during his time being out cold cities across the world are under attack by the Stardroids. When Rock wakes up he is in Dr. Light's lab and is given a new power-up, the Mega Arm to destroy the Stardroids.

Mega Man V doesn't have an intro with digitized pictures, but still looks great for a Game Boy game, especially if you use the Super Game Boy.


This is where MMV starts to differ from the other Mega Man Classic games a bit. Your still running and jumping but with out a Mega Buster. Like I mentioned earlier, your normal weapon is the Mega Arm. This weapon still shoots little bullets of energy at enemies, but when you charge it Mega Man's fist is fired like a rocket. You can buy power-up that enhance the Mega Arm from Dr. Light's shop that can give it more range and grab stuff hiding in a wall and/or make the fist squeeze robots for extra damage.  Also their aren't 8 robots to fight, now theirs 9! Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Neptune first. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto second and then Terra. Each stardroid has a unique weapon that range from being helpful to useless. For example the Grab Buster you get from Mercury steal life from a robot and gives it to you and then theirs the Break Dash you get from Pluto which lets you dash into enemies or break certain walls. Think of the Break Dash as this games Top Spin. 

Along with the Stardroids a new character is in this game that Dr. Light created for Mega Man named Tango, a robotic cat that spins around the screen damaging baddies similar to Beat.

Many of the stages have gimmicks like moving to from an area that has 1/2 gravity to 2x the gravity while jumping over pits and not touching spikes. Or moving across bouncy bubbles while not jumping into spikes. The split path design of levels continues giving players incentive to go back to a level and see what the may have missed. MMV even has a Gradius style level before you go the final level. Unlike III and IV, V has little to no slow down. When you get to the final stage you get to battle Enker, Punk, Ballade, and Quint, along with the usual 8 robots in the chamber room.  In the later 4 stages you can collect 4 jewels hidden in the levels to unlock and item at Dr. Light's lab that will halve the energy that Master weapons use.


Still average like MMIV. The Stardroids seems more active than most of the Robot Masters since they are dashing, jumping, and melting. The gimmicks that stages have are fun and offer some challenge. Saturn's stage having my favorite stage design. V also has 2 final bosses, Dr. Wily who has 4 forms, and then a battle with an ancient doomsday robot named Sunstar or Sungod for people who own a Japanese copy like I do. Dr. Wily's battles each add something new, the first battle is just a giant arm that aims for Mega Man before punching the ground. The second form you battle the right arm that not only aims for you, but shoots missiles and tries to pick you up and throw you, dealing heavy damage. Form #3 you have to shoot little clock bombs back at Dr. Wily before they count reach 0. Wily's final battle in rather hard since theirs a ceiling of spikes just above you, and you have to hop over ground laser attacks,  but if you use Terra's weapon, Spark Chaser it destroys Wily's machine.


V's graphics are a little better than  IV. The backgrounds aren't animated, but the levels are full of detail and look as good as Mega Man 6's graphics. I put a screenshot from each Game Boy game to show how the graphics have improved over the time like they did with the NES Mega Man games.


Not that much of the music in MMV stood out to me. They're still quality pieces, but they kinda blended together.


To me this game has the most replayability of the 5 Game Boy games. Your getting a new experience rather than the felling of playing half of 2 Mega Man games. The story of the Stardroids destroying the world is a fresh twist rather than "It's Dr. Wily! STOP HIM!" Since this game has split paths in most of its levels and collecting the jewels adds to the replayability as well.


It's hard to decide which Game Boy game I like better, IV or V. I suppose V is the best because of its original feel and new cast of villains. If your a fan of the Blue Bomber and you don't have this game in your collection it's another highly recommended game from me. This game must have gone under the radar when it came out since it's hard to find, prices go for around $55 for the US version on eBay. If you have the chance and you don't want to pay a crap ton of money try to find an imported copy (it's called Rockman World 5) since they tend to be cheaper.

This game to me scores a 9/10 (Excellent). Hopefully it gets released on the 3DS eShop in the future along with the other Game Boy Mega Man games other than Dr. Wily's Revenge.