Commodore 64

It is quite unquestionable that 1984 was the year the eighties really kicked off. On the move side, we got stuff like Karate Kid, Streets of Fire, Indiana Jones II, Gremlins, Beverly Hills Cop and Ghostbusters. Frankie Goes to Hollywood released Relax, Michael Jackson got his scalp burned off, and Doctor Who was still going strong. Games wise, we were in the midst of a glorious 8-bit golden age, and amongst the litter of great games released this years we find H.E.R.O. around the top of the heap.

In H.E.R.O. you control the fate of Roderrick, a brave hero who are out to rescue hapless miners trapped in an underground cave. Facing spiders, moths, sea creatures and the elements itself, brave Roderrick must rescue every miner and score delicious points.

Jetman Jr, my first "big" web game, was modelled after H.E.R.O. and every praise given for that game I owe to this old stalwart. In truth, I haven't been able to quite match everything the original has to offer. If you play only one C64 game this year, make it H.E.R.O.