Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

The Sega Genesis, like its Nintendo counterpart, the Super Nintendo, has its own fair share of underrated games.

The action platformer Vectorman is one of them.

Vectorman is an "Orbot", a robot that is tasked to clean up the Earth after humans leave it due to their pollution and environmental damage they caused. After firing a load of garbage into the sun, he returns to Earth to find his fellow orbots being controlled by Warhead, an insane computer network that was accidentally linked ot a nuclear missile. Warhead had taken control of all the other orbots, and is now using them to fight any humans that dare to return to Earth. Vectorman was unaffected due to not being on Earth, and now must fight his fellow orbots to stop Warhead and save humanity.

Vectorman is a fun little game, the robot using a standard blaster to attack and destroy his fellow orbots, being able to temporarily use other weapons like a bolo gun, machine gun, and even a triple blaster.

The coolest mechanic in this game is that Vectorman, due to his construction, is able to temporarily morph into various forms, each with their own abilities, like a drill or a bomb. In some levels, Vectorman assumes a unique form for fighting a boss.

This game uses pre-rendered graphics, much like Donkey Kong Country. Despite this, Vectorman has his own look, more grungy and industrial, compared to DKC's bright, jungle theme. It also has a cool soundtrack.

If you like action platformers and have a Sega Genesis, pick this game up. It's also on the Wii's Virtual Console.