Commodore 64


Mad Doctor won't go down in history as one of the best Commodore 64 games of all time. It was distinctly average and there were hundreds of better games on the system, yet this was one that kept me coming back time and time again.

The concept of the game was quite simple: playing as the eponymous Mad Doctor you had to create a Frankenstein's monster style creature using body parts from the increasingly paranoid and restless citizens of the village that your castle overlooks. This involved researching the process, gathering the parts by killing off villagers, and then finding a way to bring the creature to life before presenting your medical achievement to the world without inciting a riot.

But it wasn't the storyline that hooked me. No, it was the routine of village life that intrigued me.  There was a 24 hour day and night cycle with people going about their business. People went to work, students went to study. The local tramp prowled the village before going into the forest tonmslep at night. Doctors and policemen made their way to the local inn at night to rub shoulders with the shop keeper and labourers. I could spend hours following people around, finding out where they went at all hours, what their lives consisted of. 

Noine of this seems very revolutionary now of course, but to a 7 year old it was amazing, and I'll always have a  soft spot for the crazy doctor and his neighbours.