Game Boy Advance

Ever thought you could have a Kirby game that wasn't a linear sidescroller and pretty much gave you no sense of direction? Well, here you are! 

Let's start with that - Kirby & The Amazing Mirror was the first Kirby game that was an adventure game, rather than a sidescroller, and it worked perfectly. When the game opens, you go through an intro level, and you're plopped down at a place and abandonned. You're sitting there, thinking to yourself, ".. Okay, what now? The mirror's broken, but what am I supposed to do!?"

As a kid, this was certainly a little daunting, considering that the only Kirby game I had experience with prior was Nightmare in Dreamland (the remake of Kirby's Adventure in Dreamland). But regardless, I remember spending hours upon hours just discovering every little nook and cranny that this game had to offer - and there were definitely a lot of them! That's what made the game a challenge: figuring out what the main goals were, and then completing it fully by finding all the extra goodies. The length of the game was unusual for a Kirby game too - 8 hours! And that's just for beating the main quest! Most Kirby games, geared for kids, only took areound 4 hours maximum, and now we have this Kirby game that wants to take our adventure time and double it! At the time, this game was taking a step away from its franchise roots and seeing how far it could go while still being a good game, and gosh darn it, it was a fantastic game.

Not to mention that for a GameBoy Advance game, this game had some sick graphics, firepower, and a rockin' soundtrack too! Even from the beginning as you wander through Moonlight Mansion to the very last fight at the end against Dark Mind, the game made sure you were sitting hunched over your GameBoy, fully entranced on everything that was going on, with the help of the three of those. 

This game was also meant to be a match to Zelda's take on local multiplayer with Four Swords, as in this scenario we have four little palette-swapped Kirbys ready to help whenever neeeded. Either your friends could control them, or you could with the help of the little telephone you had in game to help you. They could even heal you when you're in a crisis and help you with tough boss fights! Not to mention that solving puzzles with these guys (especially the switch puzzles at the end - curse you Candy Constellation!) was exceptionally a challenge, and in the end, the feeling of accomplishment you got when you finally opened up that locked wall to access the next area was such a nice rush.

In all, this is one of the best - if not the best, Kirby games around. You can get it on the Wii U virtual shop if you're ever interested, or you could find the original GBA copy probably somewhere online. It's packed with loads of adventures that work equally for playing solo or playing with your friends, and overall, you're going to come out of that game breathless with how proud you are of yourself for figuring out how to get past all of the puzzles and troubles in it.