I’m reviewing this because I cannot stop playing it. So, this review is going to be a bit “stream of consciousness,” because it has its hooks in me so deep that I’m tabbing between this and the game.

RPG.MO is an addicting MMORPG with old-school, Ultima Online-style sensibilities in the best of ways. It does not hold your hand–when you die (and when you get past the tutorial, you WILL die a couple times), you lose all but your two most expensive items. Beyond that, there are 15 different skills to level up; different combat stances that change the way your combat levels… well, level; crafting with a bit of a Minecraft flair; semicolon, semicolon, semicolon.

(Just an FYI, this is as far as I have gotten in a hour of writing this. There’s double XP for 2ish hours. Gotta grind that accuracy!)

(And now it has been extended by a half hour. Goodbye, productivity.)

Anyway, back at it! This isn’t your standard WoW clone, by the by. You do a lot of grinding and there are kill quests and quasi-instances, but you don’t just earn XP and level up… well, I mean, you do, but it’s more of an UO/Elder Scrolls situation. As you use skills, you level up said skills. Certain pieces of equipment require a certain number of levels in Defense or Accuracy in order to be equipped. Certain meats can only be cooked when you reach a threshold in Cooking. It’s the same for literally any action you want to perform, with bonuses to those actions provided by your equipment.

While the game doesn’t hold your hand, it does give you the tools to figure everything out. The game comes with a whole list of mods built in, almost all of which are helpful in a million different ways. One of these mods is a built-in encyclopedia that lists almost everything you would need–notably missing spawn areas for creatures. Just be careful with some of those mods on the Android client.

Oh, I didn’t mention it was on Android until just now? It’s on Android. The whole, complete thing is available on your phone. Which has killed my battery twice today.

That being said, this game is not all sunshine and rainbows. Upon first glance…


…well, it won’t be winning any beauty contests. Personally, I dig the old-school charm, but others may disagree. The complete lack of character animation is a little disappointing, and then there is the enemy AI.

Wait–there is no enemy AI.

Enemies just stand there, waiting for you to walk into an adjoining square if they are aggressive. Otherwise, they just let you smack them. A bit of a bummer, honestly. I think it would be a bit more interesting if some of them gave chase.

…aaand that’s all I can really think of for negatives. To be honest, I’m even giving this game a pass on those negatives because RPG.MO is still in Beta.

Loads of content, old-school design and charm, and a surprisingly friendly (if small) community makes this game a must play.

Just… be careful around those Orc Mages when you first start out. Trust me.