Too many the first game that they play will become the most influential game in their lives, and well I can certainly say that about Super Mario World. Not only is this game one of the earliest games that I played, its also one of the first that I've beaten, though if it wasn't any good it wouldn't be worth mentioning here.


So I've got a long history with this game as while I did have a Snes model 2 prior to owning this game, its the one that ultimately got me hooked into gaming. While I was absolutely awful at this game at first I ultimately didn't mind as riding Yoshi was fun, and punching Koopas to their fiery deaths was enjoyable to me. In due time I got better at this game as I started finding the secret levels, and eventually I would finally see that lovely credits sequence. After that I still found myself playing SMW from time to time, even after getting more systems, and games, till like many of our old playthings would just be left in a box to not be touched for some time. Alas I would find my Snes again, and I still found myself enjoying SMW from that point on that its become of the few games that I try to play through multiple times each year.

So while this game has a personal history to me, that wouldn't matter if I didn't find it to be fun to play after all these years. Control to me is one of the most important factors in gaming, and man does this game knock that out of the park as to me Mario controls absolutely great, hell even better than his more modern 2D counterparts to me at least. ALSO HOW GOOD IS THIS GAMES SOUNDTRACK, well actually I think its absolutely fantastic regardless of how short the tracks are. Still the sense of progression here I also find to be more balanced to me than in other Mario games, and well what else can I say that hasn't been already said about this game as you should absolutely play it, and in the meantime I still need to rebuy the GBA version of this game just so I can say I own every physical version of this game.