Twilight Princess ranks as one of my top 5 Zelda games of all time. Yes, I'm aware that' it's newer, and it can be argued that it's not as good as Ocarina. However, this game is epic in it's own right. We open with a companion less Link, which has become a staple. We explore the initial village, and learn how to move our hero in this version. It isn't that exciting until we try to leave. 

Similar to Majora's Mask, our hero is turned into a new form that has it's own set of skills and abilities. We also get to meet Midna, who is worlds above what Navi could ever hope to be. Sorry, Navi. Not sorry. Midna is a sarcastic, and sometimes mean traveling companion, but more than makes up for it. Through the game, she not only can make us transform back and fort, she opens twilight portals to allow us to teleport, moves heavy things out of the way, and even shares a significant role along with our dear Zelda. Suck it, Navi!

The temples and bosses are a treat. Not only are they visually stunning, as everything is in this game, but they aren't forced into the areas they're located in. Each one makes sense, contextually speaking. One of my favorites is the Goron Mines. The magnetic puzzles, and walking on the ceiling provided a whole new challenge, and forced me to think more than on my feet, but above me as well. 

The game has it's low and frustrating points as well. The puzzle to get into the grounds to get the Master Sword was a pain in the ass, and forced me to get to the internet out of aggravation. The spinner was one of the most lame dungeon weapons in my opinion, but the double clawshot made up for it. Just like making ingredients for soup was albeit an original idea, it made for an annoyance to me. I wanted my weapon, and boss fight, not to try and care for her before I whoop on her ass. 

I enjoyed Zant and the Twilight Realm, but I didn't care for him as an antagonist. He didn't have the fun personality of Ghirahim, or the staying power of Ganondorf. I'm so glad he wasn't our main villain. Spoiler alert. Just as Zelda wasn't the Twilight Princess, Zant isn't the big bad; Ganon is. The battle with him is beyond satisfying, and Midna gets into the mix too. She helps us tip him like a cow, and I love her for it. In the end, we see her true form, and she leaves our world forever. Maybe. She was damn popular. I wouldn't be surprised it there was a direct sequel to Twilight, or even just another appearance of Midna. 

In addition to being on Game Cube, it was released on the Wii as well, with everything flipped 180 to make Link right handed. This version is kind of like a master quest, if you were only used to the GC version.There are plenty of side quests, for hours and hours of enjoyment. Bottom line, no one will ever universally agree to the greatest Zelda game ever, but this entry in the series should not be ignored.