If you are like me, then one of the first PC games you may remember playing might be one that came bundled with your family computer. Each of us probably had a favorite, for some it may have been Spider Solitaire, others may have gravitated to Ski-Free, for me it was something special. A game that was created by one of the greatest studios to have ever graced this sweet Earth (RIP Maxis). This Review a Great Game Day, I invite you to sit back and bask in the awe inspiring joy that is 3D Space Cadet Pinball.

I have played a lot of pinball video games...and I mean a lot..like 3. One might say I am a pinball...wizard. Chances are if you owned a computer between 1995 and 2003 you probably had a copy of 3D Pinball for Windows- Space Cadet installed in your games folder and didn’t even realize it. I remember spending hours trying to score more than a billion points and never came close. That’s not to say I wasn’t any good. I masterd the launch training mission and still remember the skillshot trick. 3D Space Cadet Pinball does more with one level/table than other pinball games do with an entire game.

Choosing this as my RAGGD game was a great idea, people seem to remember this game with the same nostalgia that I have so it has been a great conversation starter. Playing Space Cadet Pinball as an adult I can take advantage of things I didn’t even think of as a kid...like cheats. Type “hidden test” before you launch the first ball and you can control the ball with your mouse. Manually getting all of the hyperspace bonuses and gravity wells let’s you rack up enough points to see some of the more interesting stuff that happens later in the game, like big promotions and xenomorph battles.

3D Pinball for Windows- Space Cadet is simple to figure out and takes just long enough to master to really get hooked. Most good pinball video games have their little secrets and unlockables, this one is no different. The game features missions and upgrades to various bumpers and flags. After a while different multipliers start to add up and the points begin to rack up pretty quickly. 3D Pinball for Windows can be found online now as freeware and I suggest you check it out. Catchy music, iconic sound effects, and classic pinball fun makes this a great way to spend a few minutes in between grown up stuff..like taxes.