So this was the first game that I review I ever did, so it’s not it suffers from some bugs just like a Bethesda game. I also should mention that review was my first time playing this game though I did play Yoshi’s Story on the N64 prior, so no nostalgia goggles where worn when I wrote this and finally I hope you enjoy this look at a classic game that I missed out on playing all these years.

Personal Background with game

So while many of you have fond memories of this game or maybe have played the gba version instead, I don’t as I barely played this game this year. I also played quite a bit of Yoshi’s Story on the N64, which made me think that this game was going to be as easy, but in fact it was more challenging and at some points anger inducing. So that pretty sums my general experience with the game, so let’s get back on track to me getting you bored with my review of this game.

The Good

The Art Style

The first thing I noticed when I played this game definitely had to be it’s really colorful art style. I do love how contrast there is between each of the six stages with the first two worlds being rather upbeat in terms of design, but with later worlds having a sort of creepy atmosphere as shown through all the skeleton based enemies. The one thing that I did like about this game was how well animated everything was as Yoshi and Baby Mario would interact with each other whenever you stay inactive , and a lot more enemy types for a super Mario game till Super Mario Galaxy.


One thing about the control is that it’s really smooth as Yoshi has the ability to have an extra jump which makes it things easier as you have that extra chance at getting at a platform or it’s use rather well on later stages for longer jumps. Yoshi does control well even when using it’s targeting system as making and throwing eggs is rather easy too with the first world doing a great job of introducing you the basic mechanics of the game.


So one thing that this game has going is a relatively upbeat soundtrack as all regular stages have really upbeat music even though the castle does give out a creepy vibe I still felt it was rather upbeat. To many people the final boss battle music might be the best piece of music of the game, I found myself liking another theme more. So in the end the soundtrack to this game actually to me is better than the one in previous Super Mario titles, though not as great as the soundtrack in Super Mario Galaxy since I really just wanted to mention how much I love that soundtrack.


Aiming System

So while this might be my first time playing Yoshi’s Island ever, somehow I’ve played Yoshi Story first though that game was a lot easier it did have one advantage when it came to gameplay. What I like about Yoshi’s Story was the fact that aiming wasn’t so limited, as Yoshi’s Island you were limited to aiming in your general direction in which can make later levels annoying as there will be plenty of enemies coming from both sides.

Auto Scrolling Levels

Yeah I must be honest I really don’t like auto scrolling levels at all as well I never liked the fact that your forced to move at whatever pace the game decides. In the end I did die a few times in these sections as I would try to past them, though that lead to a few missed jumps which was rather annoying. So in the end this was just another auto scrolling set of levels that I didn’t like, so yeah enough about that.

The Bad

Stage 5-4

This stage and it’s boss my god did it annoy me a lot as the actual stage itself had many annoying leaps of faith that lead your death which is just a pain in any platformer. This stage is all that hard, but the thing is that prior to reaching the boss you have to wait on this moving platform that takes way too long to get to the boss and if you get off before as the moving platform is leaving well you pretty much lost a life. The worst thing about this stage has to be the actual boss himself as to me this giant jelly monster is a pain to take down as well aiming as his heart felt strange due in part to the aiming system and the fact that you had to take him down within a certain time. In the end this was a rather annoying part of the game to me, though it still nowhere as bad as it’s still a masterpiece in contrast to some of the worst games I’ve ever played.

Final Thoughts

In the end I felt like I was missing out a great game that has great music and visuals that have definitely stood the test of time, though I didn’t find it to be the true masterpiece that others do. I would recommend this game though so in the end I give this game a Lando it’s really smooth when it comes down to it, but sometimes it makes a few errors though it makes up for those with some great looks and some smooth music.

FINAL SCORE- A Lando out of Darth Vader