Crimson Skies was one of those games that somehow just got it right. Great voice acting, an interesting premise (an alternate-history 1930’s, where air travel is the dominant form of transportation in the United States), and engaging gameplay made for an addictive experience. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a huge commercial success.


Originally released by Microsoft (PC) back in the year 2000, the game was critically praised but didn’t make much money back after its development budget. It would however see a sequel on the Xbox that was…well, also a critically praised yet unfortunate commercial failure. Sadly, it’s most likely never see another proper sequel to this fascinating series.


Featuring arcade-style dog fights, multiple planes, unique aircraft manufactures, and weapon-laden Zepplins, the game was like something out of an old pulp serial. Hell, you even went on a mission to steal Howard Hughes’ ‘Spruce Goose’. It was Indiana Jones meets The Rocketeer, all presented in a world akin to the film Hell’s Angels.


If you’ve never played the game, I definitely recommend it if given the chance. There’s a patch out there for the PC that will make it run on modern systems, and the controls are vastly superior to the Xbox counterpart. Hopefully, one day, we’ll see a proper sequel being made to this cult classic. Until then, there's always a possible GoG.com release.