Nintendo 3DS

“Never grow up.”

The original Yoshi’s Island on the Snes was a bit of an oddball. Billed as a “sequel” to Super Mario World (Yoshi’s Island was actually the subtitle) it pretty much threw every Mario platforming convention down the sewer pipe even demoting Mario from playable “Hero/protagonist” to the non-playable “sidekick/escort.” It was bold, it was fresh, it was adorable and it was absolutely sublime. Even today, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island stands tall as a stellar example of an endlessly creative, infectiously charming and perfectly challenging platformer.

Sadly, pantsing bosses does not return in New Island (Yoshi's Island)

Enter, Yoshi’s New Island. First off, someone call Language Protective Services; I swear Nintendo is abusing the word “New.” New Island is actually the…seventh(?) Mario platformer with “New” tacked on like so many Game of The Year editions. Only this time, instead of giving the traditional Mario platformer some spit-shine and polish with a handful of unique level mechanics like the New Super Mario Bros series has done, Yoshi’s New Island is perfectly content to copy a few tricks the Snes original invented and call it good. “Good” is actually being slightly generous as most of what New Island tries to copy wholesale from the original ends up losing something in the translation. Read More...