Before I begin I’d like to thank the wonderful folks at for creating ReviewAGreatGameDay. When not performing as a Monkees cover band or reading Choose Your Own Adventure books to underprivileged, indecisive children, they publish the best retro gaming content on the internet.  They created this holiday to celebrate what is most important about video games, actually playing them.  A day to proudly broadcast and review a great video game, without talk about framerates, global sales, whether your console functions as a proton pack or can generate enough power to reach 1.21 jiggawatts, which we all know is what makes time travel possible. 

I’m a huge dorkus malorkus for Star Wars, even going so far to order my wife to play the Emperor’s March at my funeral.  I annually play through the Super Star Wars trilogy on the SNES, the greatest trilogy of games on the system (I’ll write about this another day).  Though Super Star Wars is only loosely tied to the film, with much needed liberties taken to flesh out the platforming, it is the gunning and lightsaber slashing through the Star Wars universe that captivates me, that takes me back to the characters and worlds I wanted to explore further in the movies.