PlayStation 3

Right folks, what were you complaining about again? His short black hair? Put a sock in it and play the game - He may be younger and a bit rough around the edges but this IS Dante. It may not be the finest in terms of fan service, but in terms of gameplay, music and story this game hits the mark ridiculously well.

As you all well know this is a reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise, which means you can look at this as if either the original games didn’t happen, or this is set in a slightly different universe, different story and setup with familiar characters and enemy designs strewn throughout.

Dante’s more like a thug this time, less refined and a lot less knowledgeable about his past, but still the same flashy guy that will make all the fangirls swoon and squeal and all the guys will still think he’s a complete badass... In fact his more bad-boy punk-rocker image in this game is kind of refreshing to see.

His trademark Ebony&Ivory guns and Rebellion sword make a comeback with rehashed designs. You know what though, aside from the main character of Dante and the basics of what made him the guy you know from the previous games, this game is still Devil May Cry. Seriously, within the first 5 minutes of the game, you can see literally nothing is different. Some refinement in the gameplay here and there, sure, but this is - in every way - from the very same series you know and love. Ninja Theory has handled the game with a ridiculous amount of care and respect for the previous entries in the franchise. There aren’t a lot of reboots out there that make the transition so beautifully and smoothly. Fantastic work, Ninja Theory!

Anyway, here’s the basic rundown of what you can expect from this game:

Marvellous attention to detail. The Environments play a huge role in this game. The spiritual realm known as “limbo” in the game is a twisted recreation of the real world, pulling you in and trying to kill you. Not just the enemies, the world around Dante changes and taunts him in a very unnerving and radical way. Another thing you’ll notice is that this game is extremely colourful. Insanely saturated and contrasted visuals as well as beautifully realised vistas make this game a feast for the eyes. I actually can’t think of a more visually compelling title this generation!

Poetic gameplay! Who would have thought gameplay could be pulled off so slick? L2 and R2 buttons to switch your melee weapon, you can pull the enemy to you or vice versa. Swing massive axes, deal jaw-crunching uppercuts, deliver rapid slashing attacks and glide around the environment all with a very simple yet deep move and ability enhancing perks. A Myriad of weapons and skills to choose from which you can retweak at the beginning of any mission to flow into your own playstyle! Seriously, I’m not joking, the game is near-flawless!

Thumping music - DmC features an incredible soundtrack, you won’t be disappointed by the music here, it feels like it’s almost been pulled directly from Devil May Cry 3, which as we all know was the best DMC game until this one came out. I’m seriously in two minds over which game is better, but in terms of music it’s fairly equal.

Unlockables, collectibles and challenge stages! The game doesn't simply start and end with the campaign, there are online leaderboards, unlockable skins and a metric-feckton of things to find during the game that unlocks artwork in the gallery. There's also a DLC campaign called Vergil's Downfall which tackles the aftermath of the main story. Oh and a free patched in mode called Bloody Palace which is essentially a survival mode!

A couple of negatives, now - There’s some limited texture pop-in and a few lengthy load-screens. The game is a little short, but maybe that's 'cause I sat down and played it the whole day - I hardly EVER do that though. This game has everything going for it. Mandatory install on PS3 but that’s nothing new, is it? The game is WELL worth your time and money. Go buy it on PC, PS3 or 360!