Nintendo 64

"This also brings the question of the value of a child’s heart. With every adult being somewhat cynical, does Link succeed only because he possesses unrivaled courage? Because his heart did not know the descent into darkness that the rest of Hyrule experienced?" - Part of the full review

It is a cliche pick. Thanks for noticing. I tried to beat Ocarina of Time a couple of times before this one. For some reason I always stopped at one point or another. This time, I was committed to finishing it and it paid off. Of course, Review a Great Game Day being announced while I was playing the game helped sway my decision.  

After playing the game, I have even more trouble understanding the overrated label the game is often associated to. First off, it deserves all the praises it obtained the year of its release. Fortunately, I did play it upon release at a friend’s house. In this review, I managed to capture that feeling. That sensation of being a 10 year old conquering the world through Link’s eyes and it was amazing. Secondly, I keep hearing about people putting that game at the top of their favorite list but have yet to meet does. In any case, if the following Zelda games are better than Ocarina of Time, isn’t that proof of how strong of a base this game is?

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