Considered, by me, as one of the greatest licensed games for the Super Nintendo ever to come out at the time (and even to this day) Batman Returns was Released on September of 1992 wich was considered to be at the peak of Konami's SNES development and a high point in Batman movie history.  Prior to Batman Returns Konami had already released Axelay, Contra III, Super Castlevania IV and The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, so any new title, regardless of genre, was extremely anticipated for those that played or owned any of these titles. Before the awesome Christopher Nolan movies and abysmal mid '90s films, Tim Burton released two wonderful Batman movies: 1989's Batman and 1992's Batman Returns. The second film sprinkled Gotham in snowflakes, whilst illuminating its shadowy streets with Christmas lights and it is this film that Konami brought to life on the SNES. The plot is told through still, digitised cut-scenes and follows seven scenes of the movie's story through Selina Kyle's transformation into Catwoman, Bat-brawls against The Red Triangle Circus Gang and finally the ultimate mission to thwart The Penguin and his vengeful plan to kidnap all of the first-born sons in Gotham City.

Batman Returns is still brilliantly paced. It is completely appropriate that the Dark Knight is handy with his fists and Batman unleashes a fast flurry of standard punches, leading to a high kick with a basic Y button attack. He can also block by holding down either of the two shoulder buttons. Stored into his utility belt is the option to fire batarangs at distant foes, or swing and kick out by utilizing his grappling hook. Most satisfying of all is the assortment of grab maneuvers, in which he brutally crushes opponents into the floor and even takes hold of two Red Triangle Circus punks at once, to slam both of their heads together. Finally he has an explosive white, test tube move, which is the best use of a brawling game smart bomb, very reminissant of Streets of Rage when they called on the of the E-SWAT police car and its fiery rocket launcher.

Being a fan of Beat-em-ups and fast paced action, I was completely blown away by the Danny Elfman score for the film wich was adapted to perfection by Jun Funahashi, Harumi UekĊ and Kazuhiko Uehara. Attention to detail was placed above all others when listening to this amazing 16-bit converted orchestra that filled my heart with glee on my daily button mashing weekends when I was a wee young-un. The explosions from rocket launchers, shattering glass, and other sound effects are incredible. I really love the loud and furious sounds of this game, with Batman delivering bone-breaking punches and slams. With each button press, you just can hear and feel its impact as you punch a clown in the face and slam him down to the ground.

I have always wanted to throw clowns against the wall and bus sign post, thank you Konami for making this Batman a badass from begining to end.

This game is hard, specially those catwoman boss fights, but I feel the experience is well worth it if you put it on the hardest setting ( considering that is the way you get the best ending). Don't worry thought, there are various cheat codes and passowrds that will make that journey a little easier, but if you are one who likes a little challange in life, just use this one cheat and start from the begining and see how far you reall go.

Nine continues:
Highlight the "Rest" selection on the options screen, then press Up, X, Left, Y, Down, B, Right, A, Up, X on controller two. A tone will confirm correct code entry.


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