Review a Great Game Day

Video games are supposed to be fun. This is a simple idea, but too often, the hobby misses it: We deal with questionable industry practices, rampant exclusionism, heated debates, and countless controversies. For a community that is supposed to truly embrace enjoyment at its core, we sometimes make a sour scene.

Is there value in argument and anger? Of course; and so, too, in thinking critically about the issues of our time, even acting aggressively to forward a better view. We do not deny the merit of constructive criticism, or even the occasional vitriol.

But video games are supposed to be fun. At least one day a year, we just want to put aside all the negativity and embrace that bit of joy that overtook us the first time we used a controller or keyboard to control the on-screen character, or the just-one-more-level feeling that struck one fateful 4:00 a.m.

For one day, we want to hold a celebration of great games – not just the universally acclaimed, but even the sentimental favorites. Pick a great game you like, review it, and revel in the happiness it gives you. If you disagree with someone else's choice, you are missing the point: Now is not the time for disagreement, and this is not the place for dissension. Just smiles, laughter, communal partying, good memories, and...

You get the point: Have fun!

P.S. If you really need to unleash the hate, just have a little patience and join us for Review A Bad Game Day too!